Endurance or Aerobic Exercise

Endurance training means improving the body's ability to use oxygen
to be able to continue an activity for extended periods of time. Many people participate
in aerobic or endurance activity to improve the health of their heart and lungs.

Endurance exercise also means improving the muscles
so that they can continue an activity for extended periods of time. Endurance training
allows the body to do more work at a lower heart rate,
improving the heart's ability to pump or
circulate blood during physical activity.
Endurance training allows an individual to use energy more efficiently,
burning more fat and carbohydrates so they can participate in a sport
for a longer time without tiring. This is important in sports like running,
bicycling, soccer, and even golf!

Many people don't realize how important endurance exercise
is to daily activities. When we are out of shape it is much
more difficult to climb stairs, play with our kids, and even walk the dog.

Beginners Program for Improved Endurance

  • Walk for 5 minutes
  • Stretch

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